Marita Strand Gladsø
Marita Strand Gladsø
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A creative, curious and fearless girl with a desire to change people's views on fashion. With a wardrobe consisting of 90% men's clothing, she wants to open people's eyes and create a world where gender norms are blurred out.

The designer works towards an alternative reality, where gender identity is not an obsticle on how to dress. Using feminine colors, delicate fabrics, and silhouettes inspired by womenswear, the designer shows a fearless way of working with menswear.

Video: Ole Martin Halvorsen v/ Pudder Agency
Fotograf: Mario De La Ossa Sætre
Modell: Andreas, Idollooks
Makeup: Hanne Christophersen
Assistent Hår: Nathalie Sørensen Hunsrød
Styling: Christina Ledang