Sandra Håland
Sandra Håland
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I found inspiration from the representation of women reflected in romantic come- dies in the 90s. I want clothes to portray all of our sides, not a cliché. I also feel strongly that; in a world where we should expect to own less, our clothes should reflect that future, not only through its textiles, but by its versatility.

The creative prosess happened almost exclusively on the mannequin. Old mens trousers, shirt and a slip dress was donated to the experiment.

Like a puzzle I became intrigued by how textile manipulation gave unique and opposite expressions.

By either hidden or decorative closures, one can play with the textile and create different shapes/personas.

The wearer will be able to costumize the item, to make sure each wear fit to the «you» of the day. Ergosum, loosely translated too « I think therefor I am», plays on the duality of identity.